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  • Dog Walking & Group Walks
    Here at The Scenic Route our dog walks & group walks consist of a lot of fun, play, exercise and are great for socialisation. We believe that most dogs will benefit from walks with others. It gives them chance to engage in instinctual pack behaviour keeping them mentally and physically healthy, while helping drain all the extra restless energy from being home alone during working hours. We offer flexible, daily or occasional service to suit you and your dog’s needs. Dog Walking services range from a minimum of 30-minute walk up to 1 hour. Group Walks are 1 hour & 30 minutes.
  • Solo Walks
    Your Dog(s) will be walked on a one to one basis, allowing us to interact and observe giving your pets all our attention and getting the exercise they need. This walk is best suited for dog(s) who aren't good at socialising with others but still want to have fun. This service starts from a minimum of 30 minutes and goes up to 1 hour.
  • Pet Taxi Service
    Our pet taxi service is a great affordable way to ensure you pet(s) are transported to appointments or events on time when you cannot take them. We will pick up and drop off your ensuring your pets are where they need to be on time and safely.
  • Small Pets Holiday Visits
    We will care for your pet(s) while you're away in the comfort of your own home, ensuring your pets stay in their daily routine and they are cared for without you having to worry. You can determine how many visits are required each day and we will send you daily updates to show you how you pet(s) are doing for you’re peace of mind. On your return we will ensure you have a tidy house and bins have been taken out. Plants/Garden (additional cost) We can water plants at your request both inside and out, as well as sweep leaves and can ensure your garden maintenance is maintained.
  • Home Visits & Puppy Visits
    For pet(s) of any age, we will visit your pet(s) during the day, we will feed and give them fresh water, administer medicine if needed ,clean up any mess and give them lots of play time and cuddles. This service is 30 minutes and is great for any new addition or older members of the family.
  • Late Night Home Visits and Walks
    Ideal for pet owners who work late night or night shifts. Your peace of mind is guaranteed knowing your pets are being cared for with a 5* service. This service is a minimum of 1-hour visit. Discuss your requirements with us.
  • Veterinary Pet Visits
    Ideal for pet owners with busy working schedules. We take your pet(s) to their appointment on time, so you don’t have to worry. Pick up and drop off included.
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